Ensuring the car runs effectively

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Ensuring the car runs effectively

I drive my car for a ride sharing company. I need to have it be very reliable so that I can do a lot of jobs and keep my driver ratings as high as possible. Keeping my car running efficiently and effectively helps me to earn as much as possible. Getting regular car services, particularly if you do a lot of kilometres like I do, is an important part of keeping the car running well. I've even found a place that can do servicing during my lunch breaks so I get back on the road quickly. This blog is all about car servicing tips for drivers.

Strange Noises from Your Vehicle You Should Be Wary Of

When it comes to car servicing, some motorists tend to put it off until it is absolutely necessary. This may seem like a cost effective way of ensuring your car stays up and running but the truth is you are doing more harm than good. Typically, auto mechanical problems will start off symptomatic before your vehicle actually experiences a breakdown. Ignoring these signs could lead to exacerbation of the problem, which in turn translates into exorbitant auto mechanical repair. To prevent this, it is best to keep an eye and an ear out for any abnormalities when driving. One of the common ways to detect that your vehicle is experiencing problems is through the sounds it is emitting. Here are some of the strange noises from your vehicle that you should be wary of. 

Squealing noises from your vehicle when you apply the brakes

Brakes that are in good condition should operate inaudibly. If you begin to hear squealing noises every time you are trying to slow down, chances are your vehicle's brake pads have become worn. Worn brake pads cause the wear indicators in the brakes to start to come into contact with the brakes' rotor. When this contact happens, the inbuilt sensor in the brakes starts emitting high-pitched noises in an attempt to warn you that your brakes are compromised. You would be best advised to seek auto mechanical repairs before complete brake failure happens. 

Knocking noises from your vehicle when you are accelerating

If you begin to hear knocking noises coming from your vehicle when either accelerating or trying to navigate up a slope, chances are your vehicle's cylinders are developing problems. The knocking noise comes about when the fuel and the air within the vehicle's cylinders are not mixing and combusting appropriately. Leaving this unchecked will cause a significant decrease in the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. It would be prudent to enlist auto mechanical repair services to prevent the problem from becoming aggravated. 

Chirping noises when driving your vehicle

If you begin to experience cyclic chirping noises when driving your vehicle, chances are they are emanating from your wheels. This type of noise typically indicates that either axle bearings or wheel bearings have acquired some damage. You will also find that the chirping noise will change in intensity depending on the speed at which you are driving. Problems with the bearings in your wheels should not be overlooked as they could lead to the compromised wheel locking up when you are driving. It could also cause the affected wheel to come loose.