Ensuring the car runs effectively

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Ensuring the car runs effectively

I drive my car for a ride sharing company. I need to have it be very reliable so that I can do a lot of jobs and keep my driver ratings as high as possible. Keeping my car running efficiently and effectively helps me to earn as much as possible. Getting regular car services, particularly if you do a lot of kilometres like I do, is an important part of keeping the car running well. I've even found a place that can do servicing during my lunch breaks so I get back on the road quickly. This blog is all about car servicing tips for drivers.

Money-Saving Tips for Truck Renters

Unlike standard cars, trucks are meant to offer both passenger and load capacity. But truck ownership is not something that comes by cheaply, and therefore not everyone who needs to use the vehicles can afford to buy them. Truck rental companies exist to meet this need. They offer trucks for rental at only a small fraction of the price charged to own the vehicles. This way, truck renters can affordably use trucks for their intended transportation job and then return it once they are done. However, there are blunders that may cause renters to pay more than they should when they opt for rental service. If you intend to rent a moving truck for your upcoming house move, here are some tips to help you keep your rental costs down.

Visual inspection before pick up

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a truck renter is to pick up your vehicle from the rental company's parking lot without visually inspecting it. Usually, the rental company will ask you to pay for any damage caused to the vehicle when you return it. If they do so, you should be in a position to prove that you are not responsible for all or some of the damages. A good way to ensure this is to walk around the truck so you can take note of any damage that could possibly call for costly repairs. Make sure to take photos indicating any scratches, dents or tyre wear on the truck you are renting. This may take quite a bit of your time, but it can help you successfully dispute paying for damages someone else caused.

Refilling the fuel tank before return

You, the truck renter, are supposed to make sure the fuel tank is properly filled up before returning the truck. You're generally required to fill the tank with at least the same amount of gas it had by the time it left the pick-up site. For sure, your truck rental personnel will check this so that if you're short of the gallon minimum, you will be charged exorbitantly to replace the missing fuel. The best way to avoid paying an expensive penalty in such cases is to fill up your tank at a gas station near the rental company's parking lot. This way, you can minimise the distance you have to travel when returning the vehicle after refilling the gas. This will, in turn, reduce the risk of falling short of the amount of gas required in the vehicle upon return.