Ensuring the car runs effectively

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Ensuring the car runs effectively

I drive my car for a ride sharing company. I need to have it be very reliable so that I can do a lot of jobs and keep my driver ratings as high as possible. Keeping my car running efficiently and effectively helps me to earn as much as possible. Getting regular car services, particularly if you do a lot of kilometres like I do, is an important part of keeping the car running well. I've even found a place that can do servicing during my lunch breaks so I get back on the road quickly. This blog is all about car servicing tips for drivers.

Warning Signs That You Need a New Clutch

If you have a manual transmission, then you are very familiar with the clutch. This is an essential part of your gearbox that lets you change gears, but because it is used so much, it takes a lot of wear and tear. There may come a time when the clutch needs to be replaced. Here are some of the more common signs you need to have your clutch inspected and possibly get a new one.

Problems With Changing Gears

One of the first things you will likely notice with your clutch is that it is a lot harder to change gears. What you are looking for is the change between how your vehicle used to change gears and how it does now. If you have a truck that used to change gears smoothly and with no shaking involved, but now suddenly it is jerking and clunky, there is probably an issue with the clutch. This might not always mean that you need a brand new clutch, but it definitely warrants a trip to the mechanic.

The Clutch Starts to Slip

This is a slightly more subtle warning sign that you should look out for. If your clutch is working properly, it should help to lock the engine to the transmission. This means that when you put your put on the gas to speed up, it is only then that your engine speed increases. However, when a clutch is slipping, this locking doesn't occur. The clutch begins to slip, so that even if you aren't putting your foot on the clutch pedal, the engine speed starts to accelerate before you meant it to. When you feel the clutch slipping, you should not hesitate to have it inspected right away as it might need to be repaired or replaced.

There is a Lot of Noise

Clutches can cause all sorts of noises that don't always mean replacing the clutch, but do mean you should visit your local mechanic. The noises typically occur when you also notice other odd signs, such as burning when using the clutch or feeling a jerking motion when changing gears. If you hear noises that sound like metal parts rubbing together or other loud clanks when using the clutch, you might have a problem with worn   parts, missing dowel pins, or a warped flywheel. In some cases, you have ignored it for too long and now the entire clutch has to be replaced.